This card is a way to make a proactive statement of “Whom do I want called in the case of an accident or illness when an emergency contact to my family is required?”


We made this card because the reality is that in many instances in this society, people in a legally documentable relationship (bound by blood or marriage, etc) are given first priority. One example is if you are caught up in some incident or accident, the emergency response when you are transported to the hospital.

For instance, someone may have a same-sex partner, an unmarried live-in partner, or a special friend they’ve promised “Let’s always help each other out no matter what happens.” But, they may be refused visitation rights or necessary information about the patient because they are “not family.”

However, it seems that this is not written in any law, but is a matter of custom. Well then, we have to make a clear statement of our will in advance! Even for people who would want their family contacted, most probably don’t keep that contact information on their person at all times. In situations where 1 minute or even 1 second could make a difference, carrying this card could reduce the time required until contact is made. That’s why we hope many people will use this card.

Maybe we don’t want to think too much about “What if” scenarios, but isn’t it better to think now while we’re in good condition, rather than regret it at a later time? We hope this card and leaflet will also provide a good opportunity to talk about many things with your special people.



In September 2006 we printed 2000 additional copies of this card, to make a grand total of 4000 cards currently in circulation, all thanks to the donations of many people.

Please consider making a donation so we can continue printing these cards, if possible in many different languages. We’re counting on your support!


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